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We bought our first container of Claudia's Choices laundry powder at Community Natural Foods a few years back on a trip to Calgary, and loved it so much we bought two containers of it a few years after that, it works much better than any type we have ever tried . And now that we are stuck at home for a while, we just ordered a four pack to have shipped to us here on Salt Spring Island.  We used to use a liquid laundry detergent, and we had some trouble with our washing machine and the repair guy told us we would be better off using a powdered detergent and we have used Claudia's Choice ever since that time, without any problems.

Rob & Kathleen, Salt Spring Island, BC
September 25, 2020

I am a practical guy. I bought two washboards from Claudia, one large, one small, a few years ago. I bought the laundry powder - but I did not click into it until recently when I had yellowed whites that I wanted to get clean. I hand washed my T shirts and a cotton dress shirt with Claudia's soap powder I still had on hand, it did the job better than anything I have ever used before, plus it is more environmentally friendly.

The results prompted me to buy two 3.5 Kg buckets of soap powder and a wash pail. The pail along with the powder and with the small washboard work great in the bathtub (on a bathmat).

I live in a rented apartment that provide Coin-Matic washing machines for our use. Over the years the washing cycle time on the Coin-Matic machines has shrunk significantly, resulting in poor cleaning results (share-holder focus).

Now with three Claudia's Choices products in hand, I have regained control of my laundry and I save $2.75 per wash in machine charges-plus my clothes are as clean as what those upright old fashioned tub washers with the power wringer on top of the 1950's did for me when I worked in a fish work camp.

Chris Symes
January 15, 2020

I won a bucket of your laundry detergent in an AppleCheeks contest last year. I've been wanting to leave a review for you because it's seriously THE BEST I've used in my 3 years of cloth diapering. I wish I had found it from day 1. Would have saved me so much struggle finding a good wash routine. Since I started using it there's zero smell to the diapers after they're washed. I used to think there had to be a strong detergent scent (like tide) because if not there'd be stink left behind I had to do an extra rinse at the end, sometimes two, when I used other detergents. Now I just do the prewash with no detergent and one hot wash/rinse, and they're done.. detergent buildup with and no bad smell at allll. I'll definitely be getting more of your stuff when I'm getting low.

J. McInnis
January 6, 2020

I absolutely can't recommend Claudia's Choices enough to anyone looking for a simpler opinion or have sensitive skin. Detergents have always been one of a few things I need to be careful with as I'll break out in itchy tiny bumps with any scented ones. Claudia's Choices left my clothes visibly bright and clean and oh so soft. Price wise I'm amazed as per load I know with detergents I've previously bought I'll be saving money for sure as you don't need more then the recommended 2TBS and most simple and clean detergents at the grocery store "84loads" gives me maybe half that for my clothes to look clean plus deodorize.
I joined there referral club and the link is in my bio for 20% off your first order. 

Kelsey @sample.addict
November 30, 2019


I started using this laundry soap 13 years ago to wash cloth diapers for my first child. It works so well for cleaning clothes without harsh chemicals and smells that three children later, I still only use this soap for all of my laundry. A little goes a long way, and I can't imagine switching to something else. Thank you for creating a soap that is friendly to the environment and that actually works as well or even better than the conventional store brands.  Love it!

April 13, 2019

Claudias Choices laundry soap is environmentally safe, fragrance free and ACTUALLY does an amazing job cleaning our laundry, unlike many other green products on the market. They also offer a recycling program for their used buckets. As a family concerned for the enviroment, and with a skin sensitivity to chemicals & chemical odours, Claudia's Choices couldn't be any more perfect for us. It's even more appealing to us that the owners and production are local based, as we prefer to shop local whenever possible and support small business in our area. We highly recommend this product!

Kim W.
March, 2019

Thank you for not only thinking ahead of us, but also acting so that we today can enjoy products that enable us to keep us in health and maintain the earth clean. Thank you for your great customer service and  the affordable price. May your business grow so that all your products may be more accessible and widely known, because we need this more than ever. 

February 16, 2019

Our extended family has been using Claudia's Choices laundry soap for close to ten years! It all started when the sister-in-law introduced a bunch of us to this soap she had found for washing my niece's diapers... My mother, being very sensitive to any type of chemical or perfume - and myself being not far behind her in matters of sensitivity - we all, in our respective households, adopted the Claudia's Choices soap as our own... It doesn't smell (other than suggesting a neutral cleanliness and freshness), and leaves the clothes looking and feeling clean... If you have little ones in your household, and/or have chemical sensitivities: definitely worth a try.

Notre famille élargie utilise le savon de lessive Claudia's Choices depuis près de 10 ans! Tout a commencé lorsque la belle-soeur nous a introduit à ce savon qu'elle utilisait initialement pour les couches lavables de ma nièce. Ma mère est très sensible à tout produit chimique ou parfumé, et je suis presqu'aussi pire qu'elle... Si bien que, dans nos foyers respectifs, nous avons adopté ce savon également... Il ne sent pas (mis à part ce qu'il suggère de propreté et de fraîcheur.) Les vêtements lavés ont l'air propre et sont propres au toucher... Si vous avez des tout petits aux couches lavables, et/ou des sensibilités chimiques, ce savon vaut la peine d'être essayé.

Christine D.
February 11, 2019

I really like this detergent from Claudia's Choices. It's good for the environment, gentle on clothes and powered through dirty diapers! Thanks to Claudia for caring to make this environmentally- and people-friendly detergent. 

February 5, 2019

I started using Claudias powder laundry soap 14 years ago when I was having a horrible reaction to all of the usual detergents. It was safe to use on my new born baby's cloths and its less harmful for the environment. I wouldn't use anything else. 

Barb Curle
January, 2019

Somehow my young son got black sharpie all over his favourite white print shirt. Numerous other products wouldn't touch the stains. A quick scrub and a 20 min soak with Claudia's choices laundry soap bar, and ALL stains are gone!! 

September 26, 2018