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Our Story

Our Philosophy.

We are a Canadian family proudly serving Canadian families since 2004.

We believe in offering only high quality products and trusted service through our own order fulfillment process. Our environmentally responsible products are sourced from within North America or Europe, whenever possible. Claudia's Choices Laundry Powder is proudly and exclusively manufactured by a Canadian company.

"The products we offer to our valued customers are products I choose to use for my family at home." 

Even in our fast-paced and ever changing world, Claudia's old-world uncompromising values of quality, integrity, and trust have been shaped by her German heritage. "In the German culture, clean clothes are more than just a chore - they are a source of pride."

Granite slab for laundering in Ittlingen, Germany 
Photo: Creek-side granite slab in Ittlingen, Germany where Claudia's ancestors washed their linens.

Our Story.

When she was expecting her first baby, Claudia was very concerned about the environmental impact of all those extra washer loads and disposable diapers. She and her husband opted to wash cloth diapers to keep more disposable diapers from ending up in the landfill. Washing the cloth diapers proved to be a bit of a hurdle, which they overcame by creating their own product and brand which would leave the diapers clean and fresh, but without perfume-smelling detergent residue and with ingredients that have minimal environmental impact.

"My husband used to have terrible psoriasis on his elbows. After we started washing all our laundry with our new laundry powder, he noticed that the psoriasis had disappeared. So what we had originally only intended for washing the cloth diapers and our baby daughter's clothes turned out to have a beneficial side-effect for someone with a chemical sensitivity," according to Claudia.

"Over the years we have added other hard-to-find, alternative products to our offerings that are environmentally responsible and which you can feel good about using for yourself or your family."