The Everyday Activist : 365 Ways To Change The World

The Everyday Activist : 365 Ways To Change The World

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By Michael Norton
Foreword By Severn Cullis-Suzuki

You want to change the world? Of course you do. But where do you begin? The perfect answer for anyone who has ever asked "How can I make a difference?", The Everyday Activist shows how even small actions can affect your local community and the wider world.

Packed with ideas, and facts from leading campaign organizations, this essential handbook suggests actions for every day of the year. They include:

  • Sowing the seeds of a green revolution: guerrilla gardening
  • Campaigning for votes at 16: giving young people a say
  • Fighting child slavery: buying fairtrade chocolate
  • Going unshopping: 10 things never to buy again
  • Influencing the media: becoming a political blogger

So what are you waiting for? Start changing the world - one day at a time.

2006 Edition
ISBN.13: 978-0-88784-751-6