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Welcome to our new website!

We have finally said "good riddance" to our old website that dated back to the dinosaur age of the internet. Like with most things, I am a DYIer and haven't hired out the job of setting up a new website. Even all the photos and images are mine. I hope you, our valued customer, like our new site.

It's a lot easier to navigate, add new products, content, and in my humble opinion, is a lot "cleaner" looking.

I have chose to use the Shopify platform because of their fantastic customer support, and because it offers more secure payment options including e-transfer.

I'm still working on improving our social media presence beyond Facebook. It's going to take some time.

Let me know how you like it, or if there are any suggestions or improvements you'd like to see.

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  • Great job on the website! We are a religious Claudia’s Choices laundry detergent family – I get it shipped to me across the country and have never had a problem with it! Looking forward to seeing you more on social media!


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