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Laundry and Cleaning Tips to Reduce Dust Mites

Laundry and Cleaning Routine to Reduce Dust Mites
Reduce the dust mite populations in your bedrooms by following some routine laundry and cleaning steps. Wake up more refreshed without that stuffed up feeling.

How to do Laundry while Travelling

laundry drying on clothesline while travelling
Going on vacation? Plan to do a little bit of laundry while travelling, pack lighter and save money.

Simple & Flexible Tips for Staying in Control of Your Laundry Routine

Simple & Flexible Tips for Staying in Control of Your Laundry Routine
Revamp your laundry routine with my simple and flexible tips. Simplify your laundry chores for good. Because doing the laundry shouldn't take up your whole weekend.

Hard Water Tips

Laundry Tip for Hard Water

If you don't have a water softener installed in your house or apartment, you're likely noticing the effects of hard water, especially at this time of year. The calcium and magnesium in the water can reduce the effectiveness of detergents, build up on your clothes and inside the washing machine, leave a film on your glassware and dishes, and leave your skin rough and dry.

During the months of January and February, the water hardness level in Calgary and Southern Alberta is typically the highest compared to other months.

What can you do to combat hard water?

How To Hand Wash Clothes

How to hand wash clothes
Step-by-step instructions for hand-washing clothes. If your washing machine breaks down, you will likely be without it for a number of days or longer. Be prepared by learning how to wash your clothes by hand. Watch our instructional video on how to hand-wash wool and delicate items.

Laundry Tip of the Month

Laundry Tip of the Month
Give jeans some TLC in the wash. Kids can be rough on jeans but you don't need to be tough on them in the laundry. Wash jeans the right way so they'll last longer.

Laundry - The Neverending Cycle

Laundry - The Neverending Cycle
Laundry Pet-Peeves What do you hate most about doing the laundry? Personally I dislike sorting the laundry the most, mainly because our house doesn...