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Can Laundry be Fun?

This summer our family traveled to Germany to visit relatives. During our stay we visited Tripsdrill, a theme park depicting life in the 1800's. The park has been operating since 1929 and has over the years grown from just the Altweibermühle, a giant slide inside a windmill, which according to legend returns youth to even the oldest of crones (they also have one for men), to an extensive theme park with over 100 lovingly designed attractions, complete with roller coasters and white-water adventure rides.

By now you're probably wondering what an amusement park has to do with laundry ... and how could this possibly be fun?

Tripsdrill has successfully and beautifully combined laundry with fun in their Waschzuber or "washtub", white-water rafting ride. All of Tripsdrill is embellished with loads of antiques and this ride is no exception. In the queue line the visitor is transported back in time in what is more of a laundry museum rather than just a ride, where old-fashioned laundry equipment and the way laundry used to be done a hundred years ago, are displayed in intricate, nostalgic and authentic-looking scenes. But not to worry - you won't actually have to do any laundry - just get in the washtub and enjoy the ride!

Laundry displays at Tripsdrill
Antique laundry equipment at Tripsdrill

After your clothes got somewhat soaked, you can dry them off on the Wäschekorb-Rundflug or "laundry hamper spin" ride.

Laundry Hamper ride at Tripsdrill

The whole park is lovingly set up like an authentic Swabian village, complete with numerous clotheslines and down duvets hanging out of timber-framed houses to air out.

Clotheslines at Tripsdrill theme park in Germany

Tripsdrill should definitely be on your bucket-list if you ever travel to Germany, especially if you're traveling with your kids.

Was doing the laundry more fun before we had modern washers and dryers? Perhaps. While it was certainly very labour-intensive and time-consuming, I suspect that it was also a social activity where stories and the latest happenings were exchanged beside the creek. Today, the laundry gets done while we might steal a few moments to check into our social media app.

Next time you're doing the laundry, have a little fun and check out Tripsdrill online.


  • What a fun place to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ja wie cool ist denn das!!
    Toll !!!
    Danke dass du uns an deinem Online-Tripp hast teilnehmen lassen💦😎


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