Be a Laundry Superhero!

Laundry as an Inspiration for Art???

I'm so excited to show off our daughter's first commissioned artwork about laundry. It's going to be proudly displayed in our humble little laundry area since we don't have a fancy laundry room. Her passion is sketching and drawing superheroes and villains. I've been patiently waiting for her idea of a laundry superhero, but artists clearly need the right moment and inspiration to spark that genius.

Inspiration finally came to her after she was stuck doing all the laundry this week while I was recovering from cataract surgery - no lifting or bending allowed - and she seems to have gained a new insight and appreciation for the laundry battle. We're not quite sure yet what to call the piece ... perhaps "Soapgirl vs. Laundromaniac?" I would love to hear your suggestions.

Soapgirl versus Laundromaniac

Even Superheroes Have Laundry

Most superheroes wear a special suit they must surely wash from time to time, because with all the action and battle-fighting the suit probably gets pretty soiled, sweaty and stained. Perhaps they have a stash of suits?

As I marvel at my daughter's amazing creation, I ponder, "How would a superhero step up to the task? Are we fighting a weekly laundry battle? Are we approaching this battle like a true superhero? Or do we sometimes just cower and hide, while the Laundromaniac grows bigger and bigger, and wreaks havoc in our laundry routine?" No matter how you slice it, sometimes we just have to put on that suit and spring into action. And remember, no superhero is good at everything. Some can fly, some have laser-vision, some can spin a web, and some have all the latest, wicket-cool gadgets.

What's your Laundry Superpower?

And so it is with us and how we approach the never-ending, epic laundry battle. Some of us have the trendiest, Martha Stewart-style laundry room with the most energy-efficient washer and dryer with all the latest bells & whistles. Some of us are really good at fighting stains with our laser-vision, but end up shrinking woolens more often than we'd like to admit. Some of us have more of a Spiderman-like tendency and love to air-dry the laundry outside on the drying line or the wäschespinne, the 'laundry spider' - as it's called in the German language - but will forget to take the laundry out of the dryer and then becomes all wrinkled. Some of us are really great at getting all the laundry washed in just one day, but then it sits unfolded in the laundry baskets for days. Some of us think we should do it all alone like Superman, but end up running into trouble because the Laundromaniac has figured out our kryptonite. Some of us are super-folders but suck at ironing. Some of us are super-sorters but tend to wash small loads and end up wasting water and energy.

And some of us are really skilled at enlisting others in helping to fight the battle. I suspect that Batman would be pretty good at fighting Laundromaniac, because he not only has the help of his sidekick, Robin, but also has his butler, Alfred. Then he has all the gadgets, like the Grappling Gun and the Batarang, and who can forget the Batmobile. Batman fans will recall his smiling arch-nemesis asserting that Batman is at home, washing his tights.

Whatever your laundry-related superpower, put on that suit and go for it! As you fight your weekly laundry battle in true superhero style, never forget to take pride in doing your laundry.

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